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Monday, June 1, 2009Y

Lao Feng's turn to blog now=D
firstly, happy 29th day together=DDDD
haha... hmmm... today did not mit lao long...
cos he cannot go out... dhen jiu went home alone....
talked on the fone with lao long for some time...
and we kip talking crap... and lobsters and prawns...
haha... v random dhe stuff... dhen we tok about our future=D
dhen we tok about our long feng tai... haha... v funny=D
dhen nxt time, our daughter will be called Josephene=D
and our son will be joseph=D hahas...
might be mitting lao long tmr and the day aft=D
hmm... thrs onli like 23hrs plus plus if im not rong=D
cant wait for that day to come..;)
i love you, piggy-stupidass-lao gong-mr lee-lao long=)
haha... a nice loooong name(:
i love you... n im missing you like hell):
haiiz... cant wait to see you...
well, i guess i will stop here=D

i love stupidass!! muarks~

heart blue w/ glitter 6:17 AM