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Tuesday, July 28, 2009Y

hiie ppl... haven been here to post for quite some time....
gonna post multiple posts today...
dear, thanks for accompanying me to Tamasek Polytechnic for the interview.
With you I hav the motivationJ thank you for waiting for my interview to end.
After the interview, thank you for going to Tamp 1 with me…our ring is or pledge for our love… our vow!! Thank you for having dinner with me.. it was the third time we really had a meal together alone… thank you for eating super fast cos you knew tat I was feeling very cold thr… my dear, I want you to be the only one to kip me warm…:D
I’ll always remember this day, the day we had our rings made.. 210709!!

Dear, today was a fun day for me.. a day when we really enjoyed ourselves, esp. at bowling, cos I know I sux at it :p… actually, I very pro dhe, just tat i was too stress infront of all your frens.. haha! We looked like a happy family, the 3 of us… you, me and ah peng… haha… I will also always rmb tis day… cost is is the day my zhu zhu and my pacifier dropped into the deep deep drain… haha..240709! but I only want to rmb one important date, and tat is 030509!! I love you baby…

Dear, thank you for today.. today was raining “mouse and rabbits” and the wind was very strong.. so strong tat it can lift me off the ground.. thank you for fetching me home and thank for for shielding me and blocking me from the rain… thank you for keeping warm with your hugs.. I wan you to be my warmth whenever I am cold.. I want you to be my winter when the weather is hot.. I want you in every hour, every minute and every second of my life… I cant live without you.. laogong, I love you.. I really really do… promise nv to leave me kay?

heart blue w/ glitter 8:14 PM