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Tuesday, November 3, 2009Y

1/2 year alr worhs... time really really fly very fast... haha( i think they take red bull...xDxD) haha! i still remember the first time we met, and i believe you still rmb it too, rite? ;)

from strangers to friends is the most miraculous thing in the world:D from a simple gesture of lending a pen, we became lovers... when the moment where we met, i started to take notice of you:) the moment when we met, fate has started and destiny is destined by us:)

as i look at you, you are an innocent and good kinda boyboy... but as i look at you a couple more times, you're actually quite cute=P ( and you're still as cute=D)

21st Nov 2007, we had crew rally... we all had fun and we all enjoyed ourselves... our memories started from thr too=D mummy, yuensiang, you and i, its just so fun=D
at tat time, we sort of got really close... cos yuensiang wanted to sit with mummy, so we ended up sitting tgt=D i still rmb tat u showed yr affection for me by feeding me ice-cream=P and tat ice cream is the sweetest i've ever tasted=D

23rd nov 2007, my parents were overseas, well, in malaysia to be exact... so, mummy, grace, you and i decided to meet at crew rooom at 9pm tat nite... i rushed down right after my parents left the house. i arrived at 9.30pm... you told me that by 9pm, when i haven't reached, you were a little disappointed... and when the door opened and i appeared at the doorway, you were actually really happy and overjoyed to see me thr...=D dhen, we went to take neo-prints and went to walk walk at the nearby pasar malam=D dhen aft tat, you and mummy went yr way, grace and i went our way=D

tat nite, received a call from you=D we chatted through the nite.. as we talk, my heart flatters st the sound of yr voice=D tat way when i think i had fallen for you:) at 2.56, you send a msg to me, you mentioned that my name is very loong, and you asked if you can call me 'Dar'...[excuses!...xDxD my name has 8 characters, same as you, so its not long! haha!] well, it took me a minute to figure out wat ur implying... but after some time, i accepted=D cos!! i liked you! haha...

so on 24th November 2007, our love story officially started... and the time wan 2.58am.... i bet you forgotten the time alr=P

from tat day till now, we've been thru alot... alot laot really alot...
whenever i was with you, im always on cloud nine nad feels fantabulous~ i rmb the first time we held hands was when we were at pasir ris park... and the first time we kiss was at the staircase, and the first time we had our 'first anni' was at yr hse... haha!

dear, i wanna be with you all my life, till death do us apart... make me yours now and forever, i wanna be everything you ever need.. your wildest dream, your fantasy. your deepest kiss, your sweetest smile=D
let the stars in the sky be me saying i love you... let the breeze tat blow by you my way of saying i miss you... let the sunshine be the warmth i want to give you, so tat you will never feel cold... when it rains, it means tat i will be upset without you by my side.. i wanna be by yr side when you need me the most and even if you dun nid me, i wanna be with you... i wanna wake up eveyday and find you by my side, sleeping like a cute pig=D

bay, i love you... i really really do... happy sixth anniversary! happy half year!!

heart blue w/ glitter 7:15 AM